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  • 1976 Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada founded in Toronto, Ontario
  • 1978 First newsletter published
  • 1985 First Chapter founded in Victoria, British Columbia
  • 1988 First National Conference held in Toronto, Ontario
  • 1997 First International Symposium on TS held in Quebec City, Quebec
  • 1998 First website launched developed by Bob Rogers from the Victoria Chapter and colleagues
    Handbook for Families and first Guide for Clinicians published
  • 2001 Handbook for Educators published
  • 2004 Circle of Support video for educators released
  • 2005 A Journey of Discovery video for adults with TS released
  • 2006 Sharing the Experience video for families released
  • 2009 Facebook page launched
  • 2009 Trek for Tourette first held
  • 2010 Talk Tourette video released
    It’s Your Move youth program launched in Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • 2011 @Random online documentary film project launched
  • 2012 Advocacy to the Rescue e-learning course introduced
    Canadian Clinical Guidelines published
  • 2013 Virtual Community for Tourette project first announced
    Surrender Your Say Twitter Awareness Campaign launched
  • 2014 Virtual Counselling first provided
  • 2015 Renamed Tourette Canada
  • 2016 Launched a new website
  • 2018 Held our 10th anniversary of Trek for Tourette and published first issue of “Page24” a rebooted version of TMag,