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Cover Your Bullying Bases

“Everyone has the right to be respected and the responsibility to respect others.” It’s hard enough going back to school – new teachers, new classes, new lockers and so on – without the added stress of having to look over your shoulder to see who might be targeting you… yes, the bully has returned with you. Too many children (one in seven students ages 11 to 16 according to one study) endure bullying in Canadian schools. When you add TS to the mix, it can all become pretty overwhelming. With its often attention-drawing and easily mocked symptoms, TS unfortunately can and does make a child with the disorder an attractive target for bullies. Both the child and the parent need to be very aware about how to prevent bullying and deal with it if it does occur. This requires the parent(s) to educate themselves and their child about bullying and establish a relationship with each other that actively encourages open communication. To become better informed, visit www.bullying.org, a Canadian website that has some valuable resources about bullying as well as current news. It’s one of many great anti-bullying websites out there. You may also wish to check out Jaylen’s Challenge at www.jaylenschallenge.org. He’s a brave kid with TS+ who’s out to stop bullying all over the world:

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