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February 29th – Leap Year Social Media Donation Challenge

It’s Saturday! But not just any old Saturday – It’s the last day of February 2020, and it’s a long month because it’s a leap year.

That’s why this year on February 29th, we’re asking you to take the challenge to donate $29.00 to Tourette Canada. Are you up to the challenge??

Why should you donate to Tourette Canada?

Tourette Canada operates completely on fundraising dollars from generous donors and sponsors like yourselves. We receive zero government funding and rely on fundraising dollars to provide programs and services for children, youth, adults, parents and educators with Tourette Syndrome or who know someone with Tourette Syndrome.

Check out the full list of programs and services that we offer here and learn why you should donate $29.00 on this Leap Year Day.


Programs and services

For You

In-Service Program

Virtual Community for Tourette (sign up here or by emailing Mariana Harrietha at support@tourette.ca)

Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Tics (CBIT) Program

For Youth

Camp sTiC Together

Virtual Youth Hangout


 If for any reason, do it for the ones you love living with Tourette Syndrome.



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