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Guest Blogger Douglas Coll: ‘Sea of No Cares’ Music Event in Toronto

At the Greater Toronto Area Chapter, our focus has recently been on “music as therapy.” On November 17th we hosted a concert with the musical talent provided by the children and youth of the GTA Chapter. Our concert, called “Sea of No Cares,” was a resounding success with over 65 people in attendance! Our membership has asked me to make this an annual event as we had close to 50 people provide regrets but who wished to attend the next one! As each performer took the stage, they were asked a series of questions meant to explore what music means to them. The answers really came as no surprise, and provided insights into the power of music to carry our kids through many of the challenges they face with TS. Music was more than just a hobby: it was a place “to go.” Music was an escape from tics, social challenges and even parents some days! It was something they could own and control, and clearly given the talents celebrated last weekend, something they could be “good at.” And man were they ever good. We are slowly getting some videos up on YouTube. Below is one song from our closing act, the “The Diabolical Ticcing Machine.” The two young gentleman involved here were brought together for this event. They had met at the Trek the previous year and became Facebook friends. They had not practiced together until the week of the event. It was our event’s very first “musical collaboration.” Both are high school students from Mississauga, Ontario. The drummer is in Grade 12 and the lead guitarist Grade 9. Dylan, the guitarist, had never performed in front of anybody but his family until last Saturday night. Just look at his expression of pride at the end of the song. Enjoy, and please share with your Chapter and Resource Unit members: Douglas Coll TSFC

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