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Guest Blogger Elisabeth Sanders: Flowers for TS in Nova Scotia

People who know me and see my front and backyard know that I love plants and flowers. Frans (my husband) travels to work over a bridge to Halifax which passes by a hill with a community flower bed and the idea was born to see if we could get the TS logo on it with plants and flowers.

First we had to figure out the way to get in contact with the right person. A call to the Bridge Commission sent us to the person we needed to go to, and we officially applied for a TS flower bed. This was all done last year March. Our wish was to have the 35th anniversary logo on it, but they told us that it would be too complicated and asked if we had another logo. So we sent them the ‘regular’ TS logo. We didn’t think we had a chance of being selected, since they have so many organizations who send in requests. We didn’t mind of course which logo they would use, we were happy that they even considered our idea! Over 50,000 cars cross this bridge every day. Can you imagine the exposure? The idea was kind of ‘forgotten’ over the winter. That’s until we noticed they were working on the flower bed in the spring. We were super excited, because from the looks of it it was the TS logo. Frans was of course the first one who saw the end result on his way in to work, and he took the whole family back again to Halifax to see the flower bed.

I think it looks awesome and the letters are clear so everybody can see it when they drive by. I have been contacted by the newspaper and they wrote a nice article on it in the Halifax News. They added a picture of me and our son Timo and of course a picture of the flower bed itself.  We couldn’t think of better exposure for the Tourette Syndrome Foundation than this! We could ask them again to make a flower bed next year when the Lower Sackville resource unit celebrates its fifth anniversary, but maybe that would be pushing our luck… 😉 Elisabeth Sanders TSFC – Lower Sackville Resource Unit

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