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In Praise of Local Newsletters

One of the benefits of becoming a member of the TSFC (a great way to support the TS movement) is receiving new editions of The Green Leaflet. Full of news and reviews, it’s been a powerful tool to understand the disorder for decades now. There is, however, another valuable tool that’s too often overlooked: the local newsletter, a key element for successful communication and growth at the local level. The heroes who provide meaningful content to their local TS community through the newsletter and help keep its members connected and up to date usually do so on top of a myriad of other volunteer activities, not to mention their own personal and often professional lives. It’s a labour of love that deserves our sincere appreciation and attention. Given the TSFC’s long history of herculean efforts by our volunteers, TS communities across the country have benefited from the publishing of many local newsletters in the past. Today, many of our affiliates release newsletters on a regular or semi-regular basis, and they are accessed by many thousands of people online alone. On behalf of all readers of local newsletters, we would like to thank the volunteers responsible for their creation. Do you have a gift for writing, editing or desktop publishing? Would you like to help create a TS newsletter in your community? Please contact your local TSFC affiliate and let them know you’re interested.

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