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In-Service Feedback

Last week we profiled a number of our in-service presenters. Today we wanted to cap it off by offering you a glimpse into the audience’s reactions to in-service presentations. Here is what students, educators, parents and communities had to say after receiving an in-service from one of the TSFC’s skilled in-service presenters: “The strategies and information were the strongest aspect of the session…I had limited knowledge prior and feel that I have the information and coping strategies I need” —Teacher candidate “The instructor was very personable with lots of hands-on experience and stories to share!” —High school student “My students were so engaged by the discussion..thank you so much for the wonderful and informative session!” —Elementary school teacher “You were such a hit! Everyone on staff is demanding that you come back again soon! We want to have you come again to do another session.” —High school principal “My son was really happy with the presentation…he came home excited that even HE learned something. Thank you so much!” —Parent of student with TS “There was so much that I learned about that I didn’t know!” —Special Education Resource Teacher “…it made such a difference to our daughter that you went in and had a session with the staff. Now I feel that everyone ‘gets it’!” —Parent of student with TS “Fabulous!” —Coordinator of Students Services To learn more about becoming an in-service presenter in your community, please contact Ashley at ashley@tourette.ca.

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