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In-Service Presenter Profile: Mandeep Sanghera

One of the most important things the TSFC does for the TS community is the In-Service Program. We send trained in-service presenters to speak at schools, workplaces and beyond about Tourette Syndrome and its associated conditions. In-service presenters educate school faculties, students, co-workers and fellow community members, providing everything from a clear understanding of the disorder to classroom strategies to lessons on tolerance and much more. This week, we profile some of the wonderful people responsible for this incredibly valuable service.

Mandeep Sanghera

I have been a presenter for several years now and I have had several successful speaking engagements. I really enjoy talking about my Tourette Syndrome symptoms – coprolalia and copropraxia to name a few – and explaining what it is like to live with TS+. Several years ago, I spoke to a class of high school students who were learning about different disorders. I ticced several times in front of the class. The students understood. Nobody laughed or made a funny face. I really felt like they got it. One of my most memorable in-service moments was when I was at Frank Hurt Secondary School in Surrey BC speaking to some grade 9 and grade 10 students. One of the students asked me, “Mandeep, why do you say “F@%#^$)(&)*&)#@@_$%”? I looked at all the students and teachers, they were all really shocked that someone actually asked that. I told the crowd that it was a good question and then explained that this is a tic. It is an involuntary symptom of my neurological disorder. It is like the urge to scratch or sneeze. When I was done speaking, everyone clapped for me. It felt really good. I think in-service presentations definitely help people to be more understanding not only of people with TS like me, but also of others who stand out as different because they have a medical condition. I think it is important to go out and educate as much as you can. I am so glad I have been able to be involved in the program! To learn more about becoming an in-service presenter in your community, please contact Ashley at ashley@tourette.ca.

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