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Introducing the Tourette Monologues…

Tourette Canada proudly presents the Tourette Monologues.  These short videos were created by volunteers and members of the Tourette Canada community in order to offer viewers a better understanding of some of the challenges individuals affected by Tourette Syndrome face every day.

The two videos below are of Laura and Mandeep, two very inspiring individuals.  They are both in very different situations and provide the view of a parent of a child with TS, and that of a young adult with severe TS+.


Alert: Some people may find Mandeep’s symptoms in this video of Tourette Syndrome disturbing or triggering.

Coprolalia can be a part of the tic profile of some people with Tourette Syndrome; however, the words or phrases used are never intended to offend.  They are the expression of involuntary vocal tics that happen to include socially inappropriate words, phrases or gestures which is reflective of how Tourette Syndrome manifests itself in a small percentage of people diagnosed with the disorder.





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