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April 26, 2012Posted in: Fundraising, Service Users & Volunteers Tagged:

Jena’s School Project on the TSFC

History never looks like history, even when you’re living it. It’s easy to forget that history is made every day, and that we, the Tourette Syndrome community, are not only a part of it, but we actively create it. Take grade 8 student Jena K., for example. For her school’s history fair, Jena did a project on the history of the Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada. As you can see from the photos, she did an outstanding job. Jena not only raised awareness about the TSFC and TS, she also was personally a part of the Foundation’s history by participating in the 4th Annual Trek for Tourette. Thank you Jena for reminding us that with everything we do for the TS cause, we create the history of the Foundation. Congratulations on an awesome project!

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