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Magic Trek Moments

One thing we’ve learned over the years is that the Trek isn’t just a critical fundraiser. It does so many things for people, from giving kids the opportunity and the courage to talk about their TS with their school, to connecting new parents affected by TS who might never have known they lived so close to each other, to spreading priceless amounts of TS awareness in newspapers, over the radio and on television. For every story we do hear about the amazing things that happen around the Trek, there are so many more we don’t. Here is one of those special stories that we were lucky enough to hear about, about a mom who attended the 2012 Winnipeg Trek for Tourette with her son. From a volunteer: “Last year at the Trek one of the kids with Tourette’s had the opportunity to meet Kito [Winnipeg Blue Bombers star Kito Poblah]. A few months later Kito happened to be at a school helping with their football team. As he was walking down the hallway, he saw the child he had met at the Trek, remembered him and stopped to talk to him. His Mom talked about how much those few minutes Kito spent talking with the child at the school meant. The child was an instant celebrity at the school (not common for a kid with Tourette Syndrome) and it was a major self-confidence boost that a Blue Bomber remembered him and talked with him. You have great players but also some truly great people. Thanks again!” Pictured below are Kito Poblah (top) and Buck Pierce (bottom), seen being generally awesome with our kids at the 2012 Trek. Both players will also be honoured guests at the 2013 Trek for Tourette on Sunday, March 24th. For more photos from last year’s Winnipeg Trek, see the Facebook album here.          

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