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Major Updates to ‘Kids Korner’ on TSFC Website

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Major Updates to ‘Kids Korner’ on TSFC Website

Date August 15, 2011 Categories Resources

Sometimes it’s a challenge for kids to understand TS and explain it to their friends and classmates. Together, thanks to the work of many generous volunteers, the TSFC has created brand new kids resources to help them out, all of which are now available on the Kids Korner page!The first is a kids activity sheet called ‘Tell Me About Tourette!’ It includes different activities that encompass both vocal and motor tics and a whole lot more. You can either download it as a PDF or order high quality colour prints either online or through the National Office (call 1-800-361-3120 or email tsfc@tourette.ca).

The second is a PowerPoint presentation that two kids with TS, Peter and Troy, came up with for a class presentation. They have generously shared it with everyone as a template for other kids to use. It’s available as a downloadable PPT slide presentation and also includes a downloadable PDF of a follow-up activity called ‘Twinkle Twinkle’.  Kids Korner also now offers young users a description of TS adapted from the activity sheet, complete with colourful graphics. As always, kids can still contact entertainer Kellie Haines and her puppets Kamilla and Magrau with questions about TS or share their personal stories.

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