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Meet Melissa

I have a dream to create a group meet-up for adults with Tourette in Montreal.

I was once just a small town girl with Tourette and knew of no one else like me. No one in my family had Tourette, nor did anyone I knew. As a child, when my symptoms presented no one stopped to think it may be some form of condition. To them, it was just Melissa being weird. I had no doctor and no diagnosis to explain what I was living.

I know now what was wrong with me; and there is that word, something “wrong.” Something was wrong with Melissa that no one understood, because none of them were living it. What I longed for was someone who could say they got it because they lived it too. I didn’t have that. I grew up without it and went on to live as an adult still not having that comfort of someone else saying that they had been there too. I needed someone who could say that their lives were accompanied by this chaos of words, and noises, and movements that they didn’t give permission for their bodies to perform. Tell me you don’t have a choice. Tell me you want it to stop. Well, so do I, and I would love to meet you and tell you it’s okay and we are not alone.

If you are an adult with Tourette, come and meet me in Montreal. There has already been one successful meeting with a few people who could say they totally understood. A few kindred souls at a table ticcing together instead of alone. Each of us with stories to tell and ears wide open to hear what these others had lived.

I will be that blonde girl with tics and OCD, tapping on a table, counting and cussing, and blinking and head jerking. That’s me. Will you be there too?

The place is Juliet et Chocolat. The address is 1626 Ste-Catherine W.

Closest Metro is Guy/Concordia and is 4 minutes away on foot.

The date is Saturday the 19th at 3 pm. 

Who to email to announce attendance: Melissa C. Water, at lace-and-thread@live.com

Even if you can’t come that day and want to attend future meet-ups, email me so I can inform you when dates are chosen.

If you live in Montreal and would like support or resources, or if you are a parent and would like to meet other parents in Montreal, please contact admin@tourette.ca 

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