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Musician David Rades Won’t let Anything Hold him Back, Not Even Tourette Syndrome

Never giving up sounds a lot easier than it is, but for singer-songwriter David Rades, it is the only way to live… When he was 9 years old, doctors told David that he had a neurological condition called TS. Growing up with TS was tough, but the talented Canadian musician is quick to acknowledge that having TS helped make him who he is today, “…maybe if I didn’t have this I wouldn’t be as a strong and persistent.” In 2005, David suffered a vocal chord injury leaving him speechless for almost 3 years. Doctors told David he would be lucky to speak again. However, in 2008, vigorous rounds of speech therapy and vocal training helped David return to his passion. At only 26, and having faced more than his fair share of adversity, David’s dreams are starting to come true! In 2009, David won Virgin Radio’s Canadian Radio Star Song-writing Competition. Out of 5000 songs, his submission, “Right from Wrong,” was named Quebec’s Regional Winner. How does David deal with his TS? “My cure is music,” he says. As soon as he strums his guitar, his tics vanish. His advice to others?  “Just never give up…” We won’t David! Check out David Rades’ music here.

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