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Our Favourite Things About the Upcoming Conference

Today, we’re counting down our top ten favourite things about the upcoming Tourette Syndrome National Conference.

10. Join parent-child session: we’re bringing in experts from London ON’s Brake Shop Clinic to work with parents and their children on sensory challenges. This session is sure to leave both parent and child with strategies that will help them tackle even the toughest sensory issue.

9. Treatments, treatments, treatments: we have lined up several sessions on possible treatments options including: behaviour therapy, medication, meditation, and using Apps on your phone.

8. Small Group Discussion: this year, we have put together several opportunities for participants to gather with others from their community for small group discussion and networking. We dare you to leave without making a new friend or two!

7. One word- waterpark!

6. Location, location, location: This year’s location is an amazing family destination in the heart of Niagara Falls, ON.

5. Drama & the Tic Session: our youth program will use acting to work on their self-advocacy skills! Youth will also participate in our first ever Conference behaviour therapy session for youth with TS, “The Tic Session”!

4. Rick Lavoie – he is speaking to Educators, Parents, and adults!

3. Opening address with the inspirational and talented Kit Goguen! Need we say more?

2. Record-a-story: our children’s program will be recording their own story about having TS and how it affects them. This keepsake will not only be fun to make, it will help them to teach others about their TS.

1. Our closing party/banquet: this promises to be an amazing party! There will be a photo booth, a costume contest, a delicious meal, dj/dancing, and prizes! Stay tuned for a special announcement about the party theme! Last year we did beach party, what will the theme be this year?

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