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People with Tourette Getting Kicked Out & What You Can Do About It

Public spaces can be scary, stressful or even hostile for people with Tourette. The staring, the questioning glances; the whispers, the judging looks.

If you aren’t ticcing, it’s much easier. You can go unnoticed.

If you are ticcing, that is a different story. It is possible that you will be made to feel uncomfortable or worse, asked or even told to leave.


Here are just a few recent examples of people with TS being kicked out or asked to leave public spaces:

1. Woman with TS kicked out of Walmart

2. Man evicted due to TS

3. Man banned from bingo hall because of tics

4. Boy asked to leave church for ticcing

5. Ottawa man asked to leave movie theatre

6. Man mistaken for drug-user and kicked out of a Toronto club


We need to change this! And we need your help to do it.

Together we can raise awareness about Tourette Syndrome and with increased understanding comes better treatment of people with TS when they are in stores, movie theatres, parks, clubs, restaurants, and bars etc.

Here are five ways you can help raise awareness RIGHT NOW:

1. Tell all your friends and have them tell their friends
If you feel comfortable, take time to talk to your friends about what Tourette Syndrome is and what it isn’t. Ask them to pass the message along.
2. Become an in-service presenter or suggest a presentation
We have a great team of volunteers who can deliver an informative, expert presentation on Tourette to schools, companies, and community groups. Suggest to these organizations that they have a presentation or better yet help them set up a presentation. If you are interested in volunteering as an In-Service presenter, email: ashley@tourette.ca
3. Volunteer
If you have the time, we have a volunteer position that is right for you. Help us make a difference. Email: admin@tourette.ca
4. Donate
With your donations, we can do more awareness campaigns, train more presenters, and send experts to media interviews. Help us do this important work: https://www.donationaid.com/tourettecanada
5. Get active on social media.
Write to others – companies, people, media. Tell them about Tourette. Comment. Share.

If people understand what TS is (a medical condition), they won’t percieve tics as poor or deliberately disruptive behaviour. Hopefully then, they won’t ask people with TS to leave or step out.

Join Tourette Canada in making Tourette Syndrome better understood!

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