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Our e-learning program provides streaming video-based modules through our e-learning platform. When accessing these modules for the first time, you’ll be required to create an account with a name and password. Modules can be accessed as often as you like for as long as you like once your account is set up.

The current e-learning topics are:

  • TS and the School System
  • Relationships and Dating
  • Strategies for Youth with Tourette Syndrome
  • Adult Life Skills
  • Disclosure and Advocacy in the Workplace

If you have any questions about our e-learning program, the learning topics or the platform, contact our office by email or phone (1-800-361-3120 or 905-673-2255).

You can access our e-learning platform here.


Tourette Canada currently offers two different E-Learning opportunities.

The Virtual Community for Tourette Program offers five self-guided e-learning components, provided without cost.



Advocacy to the Rescue is a moderated course provided at cost, which teaches parents how to advocate for their children within the school system.


Do you have:

Difficulty voicing your needs and concerns to your child’s teacher?

A hard time dealing with negative emotions when meeting with teachers?

A tense relationship with the administration at your child’s school?

Trouble understanding Individual Education Plans or your provincial equivalent?

Feelings of helplessness and/or being overwhelmed about your child’s educational career?


Do you want to:

Discover the most effective ways of communicating with educators?

Learn about your rights as a parent, how the education system works, and how to build a mutually beneficial relationship with your child’s teacher?

Gather tools that will help you become a powerful parent advocate?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you will benefit from Advocacy To The Rescue, an e-learning course designed specifically for parents of school-age children with Tourette Syndrome. Tourette Canada created this program to serve as flagship resource, one that will dramatically improve parent-educator relationships within the TS community and beyond. Students have 8 weeks to complete all units, and are responsible for ordering the three course texts, which are available for ordering online. The course is $275 for members and $300 for non-members.


Course Overview

Unit 1 – The Psychology of Advocacy

Unit 2 – The Elements of Advocacy in the School

Unit 3 – The Importance of Information Gathering and Recordkeeping

Unit 4 – Understanding Test Assessments and Reports

Unit 5 – How Schools Work

Unit 6 – Understanding Individual Education Plans

Unit 7 – The Advocate’s Guide to Special Education Law


For more information: call 1-800-361-3120 or e-mail admin@tourette.ca