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The Tourette Canada In-Service Program provides speakers who give customized presentations on Tourette Syndrome. These educational presentations are provided to schools, community and professional groups and cover information on TS, its associated disorders and provide strategies for dealing with Tourette Syndrome.

To request an In-Service presentation contact us at info@tourette.ca or 1-800-361-3120.

To request and In-Service, please fill out and return the appropriate form.

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What is an In-Service Presentation?

Tourette Canada’s In-Service Presentations are educational sessions that provide details on Tourette Syndrome (TS) and its associated disorders such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

A typical in-service presentation gives an overview of Tourette Syndrome, including describing the symptoms and the impact to the person with the disorder. Details on the associated disorders are also covered. For audiences such as educational professionals the presentation covers classroom strategies.

Our In-Service Presentations are provided by a national team of presenters who have a thorough knowledge and understanding of Tourette Syndrome and its associated conditions. Presentations are available either in person, or virtually using video-conferencing software, depending on your location and the availability of one of our trained In-Service Presenters.


Who can benefit from an In-Service Presentation?

Anyone who would works or interacts with individuals with TS or who wants a better understanding of Tourette Syndrome can benefit from an In-Service Presentation.
In-Service Presentations are customized to meet the requirements of the audience. We deliver to a variety of audiences including:

  • Schools
    • To teachers and other educators who have students with TS in their classes and want additional information on the disorder as well as strategies to use in the classroom
    • In the classroom – to explain TS to students and to demystify the disorder. The presentations also address the issue of differences and help promote tolerance and understanding
  • Workplaces – to employers, managers, and/or co-workers
  • Community and service groups – to provide general information session to explain TS
  • Summer and after-school camps/programs
    • To camp counselors/program staff who have participants with TS and need information on the disorder and on strategies
    • To camp/program participants – to provide information on TS and to demystify the disorder.
  • Sports teams, scout/guide groups, church groups, volunteer groups, etc. – To educate on TS and to demystify the disorder as well as to provide strategies
  • Public Service Centres (such as Police Departments) – to help recognize TS and apply strategies when interacting with individuals with TS



In-Service Presenter Profile: Laura Locke

[PHOTO: Laura (left) receiving a National Volunteer Award from then TSFC President Linda Newton]

I became an in-service presenter about eight years ago, just a year after my son Peter was diagnosed with TS. I had resigned from being Assistant Principal to homeschool Peter and though I enjoyed it, I sometimes missed interacting with students and teachers. Becoming an in-service presenter seemed like an excellent idea. It turned out to be even more fulfilling than I imagined.

My son started accompanying me as “tech support”, and soon began fielding questions and giving a talk about “the worst ways to help someone with TS” – always a big hit.

After years of presenting, it is the audiences’ reactions that touch my heart and motivate me to continue

…like the teacher who cried as he hugged Peter and said: “I had no idea. I’m so sorry that I haven’t been more patient and understanding in my classroom. Thank you for giving me this gift today.”

…like the tall, muscular grade six student who stood up at the end of our presentation and apologized to his much smaller classmate with TS for the way he’d behaved, and then asked in a trembling voice if maybe they could hang out together sometime.

I’ve done in-services for all sorts of people from teachers and students to cadets and social workers, even office workers and a whole hotel staff. I love it! A few years ago I had the opportunity to become a certified trainer of in-service presenters. It is so gratifying to equip others to take part in this very rewarding activity. Giving an in-service is like a tossing a pebble into a pond: you never know the ripple effect you set in motion.