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Surrender Your Say Reaches Over 3,000,000 People in First 24 Hours of Campaign

It’s true. This brilliant TS awareness campaign is exploding across Canada and beyond, and thousands of people, including Rick Mercer and Howie Mandel, are talking about it and participating! It’s been written about in the Globe and Mail, Metro News and the Ottawa Citizen, and talked about on radio stations, including CBC, all over the country, with more to come, including CNN! Check out the up-to-the-minute impact statistics here: http://www.surrenderyoursay.com/#impact Thank you to everyone who participated so far by submitting your tics. Even if you haven’t yet participated, you can still help spread TS awareness by sharing the news about Surrender Your Say with everyone you can reach, including on Twitter, Facebook, or by email. Get them to surrender their say and have their Twitter account taken over by Tourette for a day. Know someone in television, radio, print, or with a blog? Tell them about this trending story and why they should cover it. This is an opportunity to make a huge difference in the perceptions that many Canadians still have about TS, and you have the power to help make that happen. Cathy Wylie TSFC President

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