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Ten Ways You Can Help The TS Movement – Action #3: Become A Member Of The TSFC

In need of a good New Year’s Resolution? Well you’re in luck! Over the next ten weekdays we’ll be giving you a different way each day that you can help the TS movement. We hope that these ideas move and inspire you to contribute to the cause. Let’s make 2012 a year for the record books.

Action #3: Become A Member Of The TSFC

Everyone understands the cliches ‘strength in numbers,’ ‘united we stand,’ and others like them. We see the power of banding together in solidarity all over, from politics to social movements, and it is no different with TS. The TSFC represents a wide scope of volunteers across the country who are working to make Canada a better place to live for people affected by TS through various programs, services and strategies. By becoming a member you are saying count me in, loud and clear. Here are a few of the benefits that you receive as a member of the TSFC:

  • A subscription to The Green Leaflet, a tri-annual newsletter about TS
  • Discounts at the Annual National Conference
  • Membership nationally and in your local chapter
  • Reduced rates for books, videos and other resources
  • A vote at annual meetings both locally and nationally
  • The opportunity to be a partner in helping to conquer Tourette Syndrome and more

Tune in tomorrow for Action #4. Here’s a hint: it starts with the letter V!

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