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Ten Ways You Can Help The TS Movement – Action #6: Participate In Events

In need of a good New Year’s Resolution? Well you’re in luck! Over the next ten weekdays we’ll be giving you a different way each day that you can help the TS movement. We hope that these ideas move and inspire you to contribute to the cause. Let’s make 2012 a year for the record books.

Action #6: Participate In Events

Nothing is more meaningful and powerful than joining together, face-to-face, with other members of the TS community. That’s how connections are made, networks are strengthened, and ideas are spread. There’s so much going on at the TSFC and its affiliates across the country. You can participate in an event as an attendee, a volunteer or even an organizer. Check out the Event Calendar for a current listing. Here are some highlights:

If you’ve never participated in a TS-related event before, make this the year that you do it. If there isn’t anything happening in your area, why not organize your own TS event? It would be a great opportunity to practice the advocacy that we talked about in Action #5.

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