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Ten Ways You Can Help The TS Movement – Action #7: Educate Yourself

In need of a good New Year’s Resolution? Well you’re in luck! Over the next ten weekdays we’ll be giving you a different way each day that you can help the TS movement. We hope that these ideas move and inspire you to contribute to the cause. Let’s make 2012 a year for the record books.

Action #7: Educate Yourself

I think everyone agrees with the saying ‘knowledge is power.’ If one wants to advise, advocate or educate to help the movement, it’s very important to have the right information yourself first. TS is a very poorly understood disorder to those outside the TS community, so it’s doubly important that we be ‘experts’ within the community, and that means taking the time to really learn about the disorder from trustworthy sources. You can do this by:

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