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Test Your TS Knowledge


How much do you know about Tourette Syndrome?

Test your TS knowledge by answering the questions below.

Answers are found at the bottom of the page. No peeking!


1. True or false – To have TS, a person must have vocal and motor tics.
2. True or false – A summersault could be a person’s tic.
3. What are the two other conditions a person with TS is most likely to have?
4. What is the medical term for the tic where a person repeats themselves?
5. What percent of the population has TS?
6. Which is more common in young children – tics or autism?
7. Did the person who first wrote about TS have the condition himself?
8. What was the full name of the person who first wrote about TS?
9. When someone first starts ticcing what tics are they most likely to have?
10. What is the medical term for the tic that involves inappropriate gestures?
11. True or false – TS is genetic but whether or not it is passed on is also based on non-genetic factors.
12. True or false – Tic symptoms due to TS often fade as a person gets older.
13. True or false – You can catch TS from others the way you can catch a cold or a virus.
14. True or false – Most people with TS will start displaying symptoms by age 18.
15. At what age are tics usually the most intense?
16. What is the name of the behaviour therapy used to treat TS?
17. How many months do you have to have tics before you can be diagnosed with TS?
18. Can you tic internally (meaning that the person feels the tic in their body but it can’t be seen from the outside)?
19. Do people sometimes get hurt or injured when they tic?
20. True or false – Doctors sometimes prescribe medication for tic management.



1.True –a person must have at least two motor tics and at least one vocal tic.   2.True.   3.ADHD & OCD   4.Palilalia  5.about 1%   6.Tics (24% of pre-school kids vs. autism which affects 1 in every 42 boys and 1 in every 189 girls)   7.No.   8.Gilles de la Tourette   9. Eye blinking, nose twitching or grimacing   10.Copropraxia   11.True (researchers think so)   12.True   13.False   14.Most people with TS are symptomatic by age 10.   15.Ages 10-14   16.CBIT   17.At least 13 months   18.Yes.   19.Yes, though they don’t in many cases.   20.True.

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    I am wondering if I have Tourette’s syndrome or not

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