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December 18, 2017Posted in: News & Information, Tourette Blog Tagged:

The best things about Tourette Syndrome

By Melissa C. Water

Considering that Tourette Syndrome is recognized as a disability, we may tend to think too much about the condition as a limitation. In solely considering that we may have different capacities than others do, we are actually restricting our perspective.

Our minds are actually statistically more creative and have a higher flexibility in seeing different solutions than the average person. We also often have a very specific and strong talent, which can of course also be creativity. If you look up studies on the topic there is complicated talk of high levels of dopamine, when actually, the reason for why we have this gift is less important than the fact that we have it.

Photo by Ricardo Viana on Unsplash

The Eiffel Tower, your favourite painting, or that phrase you love to quote, they were all born of creativity. Some of the most beautiful things are part of the world because someone broke the norm and made it come to be. If I were to chose a talent, it would be this, and we don’t have this gift despite our Tourette Syndrome, but because of it.

There’s no shame in neurological diversity. In fact, I feel it’s something to be proud of, as we form a group of people reaching out for each other and building friendships based on our similarities. Why wouldn’t we do so when those who form this community also have a higher rate of being sympathetic, loyal, and empathetic?

I use the word community a lot. An online dictionary defines community as, “a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.” This is true, in essence, but I like a more personable description: A feeling we find in each other that has no other source. People brought together by a commonality that breaks the barriers of geography, ethnicity and social status. Fighting for the same cause; each other.

The best thing about Tourette Syndrome…is all of us.

Melissa C. Water is the Virtual Support Coordinator with Tourette Canada. She can be reached at virtual@tourette.ca.


  1. thank you so much for writing this, it means alot to me. i to have tourette syndrome and i do get made fun of, but then i read this and i realized im not the only one dealing with this, and that im not alone. i do agree that we all are one big family.

    • People such as yourself are the reasons articles like this are written; to reach out and connect. Thank you for taking the time to comment.

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