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February 25, 2021Posted in: Tourette Syndrome Tagged:

Tourette Syndrome, Now on TV! | AIST Onlus Associazione Italiana Sindrome di Tourette

The AIST Onlus Italian Association for Tourette Syndrome has graciously shared their creative, “Sindrome di Tourette (Commercial)” with the team at Tourette Canada (TC), formerly known as the Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada (TSFC), as part of (what we hope) will become an ambitious international partnership between the two organizations in an effort to increase Tourette Syndrome awareness on a global mainstream level.

Follow our organization’s websites at these links.

Tourette Canada | tourette.ca/
AIST Onlus talian Association for Tourette Syndrome |


  1. As much as I’m sure this will be helpful in people understanding, I’d much rather see a more modern and empowered version of a commercial.

    For instance let’s see The kid with tics and the inclusive acceptance of his peers understanding. Let see the kid explaining to his friends or giving a talk to his school. Let’s see this kid roll his eyes when his peers mock him. Why should we see him depressed and ashamed?

    Why the pitying sad music and dejected vibe? As much as I’m sure this reality exists I’d still rather have modelled how to deal for a successful future rather than a pitiable past.

    Perhaps because this is the Italian culture, I don’t know but it doesn’t look progressive but does speak to a past. I don’t think this is the way forward. We don’t need to encourage people to feel sorry for our children, we need ways to find inclusion and acceptance so that our kids can accept and like themselves.

  2. Thank you for sharing. We feel the pain.

  3. Andrea Coates-Appleyard says:

    Great to bring awareness of this neurological disease. Perhaps you could share it with the medical profession in Canada and the U.K. So many times when you turn to their professional guidance they say there is nothing wrong here. I hope they end up with a child at some time in their life with this disease. Well done to the person who put this video together.

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