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April 18, 2022Posted in: Tourette Syndrome Tagged: ,

Fundraising Tips to Help Your Trek for Tourette Game


Now that you’ve signed up for Tourette Canada’s Trek for Tourette, it’s time to get to the fun part – fundraising! 

We’re excited to have you on board, however signing up is only half the battle. Tourette Canada only hosts Trek once a year to raise funds for its programs and services.  

Fundraising can be challenging but inspiring people to give is much less challenging when they are emotionally drawn to the cause, can clearly understand the need and can see the impact of the organization makes. We are happy to share the fundraising tips below to help you inspire potential donors to give.   

  • Set a fundraising goal! – Be ambitious! 
  • Personalise your fundraising page and upload your email contacts.  
  • Make a personal donation to get things started and set an example for other potential donors 
  • Email your contacts and be sure to share your story. What inspired you to register? How have Tourette Canada’s programs helped you or a love one? How has Tourette Syndrome impacted your life? What additional programs or services might Tourette Canada be able to provide with additional funding? Be sure to follow up regularly and remember to send thank you emails to your donors. Templates are provided to make this easy but feel free to customize them as you wish.  
  • Share your story on social media with a link to your personalized fundraising page- If you prefer, you can also find inspiring stories on Tourette Canada’s YouTube page .  
  • Show your support by sharing photos and videos from Tourette Canada’s page and encourage your friends, family members, neighbours and colleagues to donate! Find our social media links below.  
  • Share the impact of a donation – Tourette Canada has a robust Strategic Transformation Plan that lays out everything you need to know about where exactly the money from this fundraiser is going. Make sure you link to our plan in your email so people can see for themselves.  

 We’re excited to have you on board, and we hope these tips help you get started. That said, if you ever need help along the way, you’re not alone. Click here to contact us anytime.  

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