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TS Plus-Friendly Summer Camps in Canada

Often staff at a typical summer camp are unable to accommodate children or youth with TS Plus, whose challenges may include OCD, ADHD, mood disorders, neurological storms/rage episodes and so on. We are publishing this list of TS Plus-friendly camps now, since many camps require early registration, and some even have waiting lists, such as Camp Winston in Ontario. So if you’ve thought of planning a summer camp experience for your young one(s) this summer, it’s best to start acting soon. If you know of a summer camp that specializes in neurological or cognitive disorders that is not on this list, please let us know by emailing communications@tourette.ca and we will update it.

Camps in Alberta

AdaptAbilities Summer Camps Camp Amicus Camp Bonaventure Camp Health, Hope & Happiness Camp Tamarack

Camps in BC

Eureka Outdoor Camp Venture Academy Zajac Ranch

Camps in New Brunswick

Camp Rotary

Camps in Ontario

Camp Concord Camp Kennebec Camp Kirk Camp Kodiak Camp Prospect Camp Tamarack Camp Winston Camp Zodiac Kinark Outdoor Centre New Stride Day Camp Ontario Pioneer Camp (Christian) Rainbow Day Camp

Camps in Saskatchewan

Camp Tamarack


  1. Crystal Beauchamp says:

    Need some guidance and support feeling like a failure my son has no social or extracurricular play he is lonely and depressed. Doctors and schools are of no help to his conditions please advise or console

    • Hi Crystal. What age is your son? Tourette Canada offers virtual support groups for youth with Tourette from the ages of 12 to 18. This is a great place for youth to meet kids like them. We talk about important issues but also chill and play games. If this interests you or your son, please contact Melissa C. Water at virtual@tourette.ca and we’d be glad to answer any questions

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