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We’re Building the Great Wall of Tics

The Great Wall of Tics is the world’s first online collection of tics created entirely by people with TS around the world. It’s truly a community project, and we need your help to make it grow. If you have a tic you’d like to share or know someone who does, go to www.walloftics.org. It’s really easy to take part: Just click on the Submit Your Tic button, enter a name and description for your tic, then click Submit. That’s all there is to it. You can add as many different tics as you’d like. You can also ‘like’ the tics that are already there or leave a comment. Don’t forget to tell your friends! We’d like to send out a very sincere thank you to the Awesome Foundation of Toronto for their generous grant of $1,000 toward the project.

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