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What the Trek For Tourette means for us all

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By Melissa C. Water

“No one stands alone when trekking side-by-side because, across an entire country, we rise up in a singular cause; each other. I trek because by walking, without saying a word, I’m given a voice.”

I was made to think recently about what the “Trek For Tourette” means to me. I could just give you this short blurb about how it gives me a voice, though the bigger question is not of what the trek means to me, but rather, what it means to Canada.

Why put on those walking shoes on a cold, windy day in March? Walking does more than burn those calories, and raising funds goes further than paying for staplers and Paper Mate. The real grit and determination behind your walking shoes not only raises important awareness, it also provides backing to programs that have been invaluable in the lives of those that Tourette Canada has touched, and by extension, by participating, so have you.

Tourette Canada, because of people like you who care, who walk, and who give, offers multiple programs to Touretters, their families, and to those in their communities.


We provide:

Virtual support groups for youth and adults with Tourette, as well as for parents. I volunteered for two years to facilitate the adult’s support group and found not only a group of souls like me but also a family, willing and eager to learn about each other week after week.

In-service presentations by trained individuals who are passionate about the cause and the good they can do. We reach students, teachers, and the communities of those affected by Tourette Syndrome who are willing to take a moment to learn about a condition that may well be impacting someone very near to them.

An e-learning program is provided by streaming video-based modules through our e-learning platform. Valuable topics are addressed such as “TS and the school system” and “Relationships and dating.”

T-Search is an interactive directory that anyone can access on our website with a growing list of services and service providers. Narrow your search to province or city and find the services you seek.

An upcoming article will better describe a Kids Newspaper: Something we are developing for kids aged 5 to 12 where they can feel included in the Tourette community.

As the Virtual Support Coordinator, I get to see firsthand the effect of the help Tourette Canada offers. I have the privilege of speaking with those affected, and not only hearing, but feeling from them about their impressions of these services. Comments from heartfelt individuals are the reasons for everything we do here.

By walking the Trek for Tourette, you are opening up a world to those who do not yet know of the help they can receive, and by raising much needed funds you are keeping programs alive that literally change lives. As a Touretter, it certainly has changed mine.

We have Tourette, we love someone with Tourette, or we support the cause. Whatever the case, we walk for each other.

Ask yourselves, why do YOU trek?

Melissa C. Water is the Virtual Support Coordinator with Tourette Canada. She can be reached at virtual@tourette.ca.

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  1. Zuschauer says:

    As you are planning for trekking there are lots homework is to be done. Clothing, Shoes, Equipments and much more. Thanks for sharing the great trekking tips which would help anyone in planning the trek.

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