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Your Brain Explained: A New, Free Resource From The TSFC

Part of the TSFC’s mission is to help individuals affected by TS through programs of self-help. That is why this week,  the Tourette Blog will focus on self-understanding, self-knowledge and self-awareness. Guest bloggers will include Jordan Etherington, Tina T., as well as Laura and Peter Locke. Getting to know yourself is a huge topic and the blog entries this week will only scratch the surface. The blogs are intended to get readers thinking and to share information. If you have something to say, comment away! If you’d like to be a guest blogger, please email tsfc@tourette.ca. How much do you know about your brain? How it works? What it does? How it relates to TS? On April 25th the TSFC added Your Brain Explained to its National Website www.tourette.ca to assist with these very questions. Your Brain Explained is an interactive, multimedia-based learning tool located on the “Learn” menu on the main homepage. Whether you are learning about TS and the brain for the first time, or you having been living with or around the condition for years, Your Brain Explained is worth a click. Your Brain Explained touches on several important topics and concepts including:

  • What the human nervous system does and what it is made of;
  • What the cerebral hemisphere is and what its different parts are responsible for;
  • Where grey matter is and what it does;
  • The diagnostic criteria for TS;
  • Types and characteristics of tics;
  • The prevalence of TS; and
  • The particular combination of multiple risk factors thought to determine TS.

To use this new tool click here (http://www.tourette.ca/learn-brainexplained.php). Your feedback is important! Tell the TSFC what you think about this new tool by commenting on this entry or by emailing tsfc@tourette.ca.

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