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Tourette Canada

A nationally registered, volunteer-based charitable organization. We are dedicated to improving the lives of Canadians affected by Tourette Syndrome (TS) and its associated conditions.

Tourette Canada is comprised of:

With support from our nationwide network of individual volunteers, Community and National Councils, Tourette Canada provides impactful programs, services and support. One of our primary goals is to create greater understanding of Tourette Syndrome through education and advocacy.

Tourette Canada’s logo, a soaring kite, is a symbol of struggle and success. Like kites in the wind, each person’s journey with Tourette Syndrome is quite different. There are often highs and lows but with care, support and guidance, the turbulence can be managed, allowing each kite to successfully soar.

Tourette Canada


An empowered Tourette community in an inclusive Canada


To create awareness, support, and understanding through education, advocacy, and community outreach.


Tourette Canada will carry out its mission and work toward its objectives with integrity, professionalism, mutual respect, compassion and responsiveness.

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Our Work

Tourette Canada is dedicated to improving the lives of Canadians affected by Tourette Syndrome (TS) and associated conditions. We’re national in scope and volunteer-based.

Our programs are structured to promote broad-based national awareness and understanding of Tourette Syndrome; educate the community and support meaningful engagement between children, adults and families living with Tourette Syndrome and the community at large.Much of our work therefore involves educating the public and directly supporting those living with Tourette Syndrome and their families.

By leveraging technology, an open invitation is extended to engage in online or virtual peer-to-peer support groups to build camaraderie, share experiences, gain knowledge and create a community of inclusion, understanding, respect and capacity. We also offer a limited number of in-person support groups in communities where we have trained Tourette Canada volunteer representatives and/or Community Councils.

Tourette Canada provides education and training, delivered by qualified volunteers. We do this through online workshops and our professional In-Service Training.

We strive to customize our In-Service presentations to meet the unique needs of sector specific stakeholders such as First Responders, Educators, Clinicians, Law Enforcement Officers, Recreation Workers, the general workplace, etc. Our goal is to encourage inclusion and increase understanding of Tourette Syndrome and its associated disorders.

Tourette Canada does not receive annual government funding so relies heavily on the generosity of the community to support its ongoing efforts to achieve its vision of an empowered Tourette community in an inclusive Canada.

Tourette Canada links those affected by TS and TS+ to the information, impactful services and meaningful support they require. Click to learn more about what’s available near you.

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