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It is a common misconception that the main symptom of TS is swearing. Up to 10% of people with TS may experience coprolalia at some point. Coprolalia is the involuntary utterance of obscenities, profanities and derogatory remarks. This extreme tic may include yelling inappropriate or culturally taboo remarks or phrases. As with all tics, the behaviour is not intentional. The extreme nature of this vocal tic can cause embarrassing and distressing situations for those affected.

When TS is represented in movies and TV shows it is common to see a person with TS exhibiting this extreme tic. This has resulted in a misrepresentation of the true nature of TS and a stereotype around swearing.

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Dr. Kevin Farrell

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There are many different types of tics and everyone with TS experiences tics differently. Just because two people have TS does not mean they will have similar tics in common. Also a person with TS does not always keep the same tics. Tics tend to change over time. Someone who has an eye-blinking tic, a shoulder-jerking tic, and a sniffing tic at the age of 8 may have a completely different set of tics at the age of 9.

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