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TS Research Breakthrough: Scientists Undercover Mechanism Controlling Tics

Scientists have discovered a mechanism that controls Tourette Syndrome tics. This groundbreaking study may allow for the creation of new, non-drug therapies to help TS individuals with their symptoms. The University of Nottingham-based team used Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation or TMS (pictured) to stimulate patients’ motor function and induce a tic response.

Research Update: The Genetics of TS and OCD

The genetic architecture of TS is largely unknown. Geneticists agree that TS is indeed a hereditary or genetic condition, meaning it is passed down from parent to child. Beyond that, little is understood about the topic. Researchers have long sought to understand which genes specifically cause TS.

Evidence-Based Knowledge

CBIT is a powerful behavioural technique supported by research-based evidence demonstrating its ability to reduce tic severity. That a behavioural treatment helps reduce tic severity is a step forward and reflects modern understanding of how the brain can be shaped, using brain plasticity, by the environment.

Who can benefit from an In-Service Presentation?

Anyone who wants a better understanding of and/or works or interacts with individuals with Tourette Syndrome can benefit from an In-Service Presentation.

In-Service Presentations are customized to meet the requirements of the audience. We deliver to a variety of audiences, including:

  • Schools – We offer customized presentations for Staff members and classroom presentations for students.
  • Community and service groups
  • Summer and after-school camps/programs
  • Community Groups/Activities for kids – Sport Teams, Scout/Guide groups, church groups, volunteer groups and much more.
  • Workplaces

Quarterly Education Webinar Series!

Visit this page often to learn about upcoming nationwide, virtual education sessions on a variety of interesting and relevant topics. Webinars will be led by experts in their field.

Spring 2023 –  Jan Stewart presents

Hold On Tight: Tips for Parents of Children with Tourette Syndrome and Associated Conditions. May 15 at 7 pm ET and June 7 at 6 pm PT. click here to register

Jan Stewart

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