Tourette Canada

Support Groups

Moms of Children with Tourette Syndrome

This support group offers a safe, confidential and encouraging environment for moms who have children, of any age, living with Tourette Syndrome. Join us every Tuesday night at 8:00pm EST or 8:00 pm PT to be part of the conversation and connect with other moms.

Mom's Support Group
Adults support group

Adults with Tourette Syndrome

This is a great support group for any adult living with Tourette Syndrome. Join us every Tuesday night at 8:00 pm EST to be part of the conversation in this fun, encouraging, safe and empowering group where you’ll get to connect with other adults throughout Canada.

Youth Hangout (13-18)

Our Youth Hangout is a safe, encouraging, fun and educational group for youth between the ages of 13 and 18 living with Tourette Syndrome. In this group, youth can look forward to connecting with others in their age group throughout Canada, sharing some of their experiences, playing virtual games and learning new things about Tourette Syndrome, mental health, and self-care. If you are a parent of a youth, or a youth interested in joining our virtual group please reach out and join us every Wednesday night at 8:00pm EST.

Youth Support Group

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